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In the News A fascinating difference in smartphone buying behaviour got highlighted today. In the US, Apple has double the market share of its nearest competitor, Samsung. However, in The Netherlands, the swamp I call home, the situation is completely reversed; Apple sits at 10% of the smartphone market, Samsung at 19.6%. Is this indicative of Europe as a whole? Could German, French, Polish, British, Spanish, Italian, etc. readers give local information from their own countries? I'm intrigued.
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by protomank on Sat 14th Jul 2012 15:15 UTC
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I believe in Brazil (there is no official sales data) things are even better for Samsung, because of low-end devices.

In 2011, the best selling smartphone here was Galaxy 5, and this year I bet it will be Galaxy Y. The reason is that those phones are the ones the you get then joining a data plan in operator companies.

iPhone here sold very well in the start, as it was "cool", so lots of doctors (as medical, not graduation) and laywers got it just to show off (they do not even know how to use most of the smartphone capabilities). And there is some nerd niche.
After the initial boom, people who really wnated a smartphone, whent to low-end or S1/S2/S3 line.

A factor important, is that most phones are bought from operator instead of manufactor, so Samsung have an edge, as they work closely and Apple not.

So yah, here in brazil Samsung is huge.

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