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Legal "The nation's top patent court has stopped a lower court from throwing out four patents on financial software, used to sue a bank dealing in foreign currency exchanges. The controversial opinion, countered by a blistering dissent by one member of the three-judge panel, shows that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is in disarray about just what is patentable. An 'abstract idea' can't win a patent, but the judges on the court are in disagreement about just what that is." It seems that US judges are getting more and more vocal about the US Patent Mess. Interesting.
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Patent reform is easy in the USA
by cjcox on Sat 14th Jul 2012 16:55 UTC
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The patent system needs to be reformed. And nothing should be left off of the table...

Unless you're in the USA... and then, the following restrictions apply:

1. It can't impact Apple.. my cool devices are Apple devices... so can't touch that.

2. It can't impact Hollywood.. they donate to my campaigns and give me other perks <cough>.

3. It can't impact Google... I use them to search for everything... and I do mean... EVERYTHING...

4. It can't impact Facebook... I luv those guys!

5. It can't impact Microsoft... for whatever reason all of my not so cool devices run that OS... but without it, I can't do business.

With all of that said, feel free to impact normal people, their lives, their freedoms... this you can do in patent reform. They aren't paying enough taxes anyhow... time to let them feel some pain. You know they're doing something illegal anyway.

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