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In the News A fascinating difference in smartphone buying behaviour got highlighted today. In the US, Apple has double the market share of its nearest competitor, Samsung. However, in The Netherlands, the swamp I call home, the situation is completely reversed; Apple sits at 10% of the smartphone market, Samsung at 19.6%. Is this indicative of Europe as a whole? Could German, French, Polish, British, Spanish, Italian, etc. readers give local information from their own countries? I'm intrigued.
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by rafaelmet on Sun 15th Jul 2012 18:47 UTC
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I don't know official stats. I can only tale about my friends, what I see in the bus and what i know from people that sell this stuff.

It's all about Samsung. But there is always „but”. They are cheaper phones, like Galaxy Mini Series. You barely see SGIII. You can get Mini with very cheap contract for free, so people are taking it. If you got some spare money, and you know what the smartphone is, you take iPhone.

Tablets - iPads, iPads, iPads. If you want tablet, you buy iPad. Unless you don't know what the tablet is, don't have money, and just want to buy a present for a kid - then you buy some cheap noname ******.

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