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Legal "While the court referral has attracted the lion share of attention, my weekly technology law column reports that there is an alternate secret strategy in which Canada plays a key role. According to recently leaked documents, the EU plans to use the Canada - EU Trade Agreement, which is nearing its final stages of negotiation, as a backdoor mechanism to implement the ACTA provisions. The CETA IP chapter has already attracted attention due to EU pharmaceutical patent demands that could add billions to provincial health care costs, but the bigger story may be that the same chapter features a near word-for-word replica of ACTA." Democracy? Bah humbug!
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RE[5]: You need help!
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 15th Jul 2012 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: You need help!"
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Sooo...on which Canadian TV shows (or films) would you judge it? :> (judging not just the intelligence, but the whole "body of work")

I don't know that any TV series (or popular entertainment in general) would be a good basis for that judgement... but if I were to pick something that was truly a Canadian production (as opposed to a US production that was just filmed here for cost reasons), and was fairly popular in Canada, it would probably have to be something like Corner Gas, or Little Mosque on the Prairie, or Trailer Park Boys. Not that I'm really a fan of any of those series (though TPB had its moments).

The "most Canadian" cinematographic motifs instilled in my mind seem to be La Femme Nikita, eXistenZ, Screamers, Canadian redshirt in Chicago, the old hippie from That '70s Show, Cube, and the Canadians in various Stargate shows ...though those might be not entirely representative, I guess? ;)

Most of those, AFAIK, are technically US productions that happen to be shot in Canada for cost reasons - or co-productions, where a Canadian production company handles the on-location work for an American film studio/filmmaker. That seems to be the case for most film production in Canada, at least in English the only prominent Canadian filmmaker I can think of would be Atom Egoyan.

(and yet, still, I sometimes wonder if Canada could be a nice place to live out your days

I'd say it depends on the part of Canada, it's a big country (in terms of area, IIRC Canada is about the same size as all of Europe). I'm personally a fan of low population density, so I'd recommend just about any place east of Quebec City.

hm, now I wonder if that agreement will make population movements easier)

It's a possibility... my understanding is that it's generally easier to immigrate to Canada than to the US, and I know several people who lived & worked here for decades without having to apply for Canadian citizenship.

PS. Recently I was reminded about one (~"teen adventure"?) TV series, probably Canadian considering the ~fjord (or fjord-like lake), ~northern, forested environment, the overall progressiveness of the depicted ~family, and that, IIRC, they had a de Havilland Canada Beaver or Otter with floats at their disposal (also a mini-sub that was sabotaged and almost couldn't surface, in one ep). Does that sound familiar / any idea what it was?

Hmmm... from the 80s? That sounds a bit like Danger Bay ( ). IIRC, the guy who starred in that (played the father) also played the cranky, chain-smoking doctor in Battlestar Galatica.

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