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Mac OS X Ars Technica is reporting that certain 64bit Mac models won't be able to run Mountain Lion. The problem is the graphic card drivers; these are still 32bit, and Apple is unwilling to update them to 64bit. A 64bit kernel can't load 32bit drivers, so that's that. Apple has a list of supported models on their Mountain Lion upgrade page, so you can easily check if your computer is capable of running Mountain Lion.
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RE[2]: No biggie
by zima on Mon 16th Jul 2012 01:45 UTC in reply to "RE: No biggie"
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That is why Apple should have allowed more participation from the community. Older macs could be used with Gnu-Darwin, Pure Darwin or some other Unixoid combination of GNU/BSD userland and Apple's kernel instead of render them useless. [...]
But user contributed XNU unixoids are doomed without Apple's help. Puredarwin could be a place to start.

OpenDarwin (of which Pure Darwin is an offshot) had some backing from Apple. Thing is, uptake by the community was nil, there is no interest.

Once you throw out OS X userland, there's nothing particularly compelling about what's left - if you're going to use more typical *nix userlands, GUIs, you might as well just use some BSD or Linux.

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