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Graphics, User Interfaces "We're able to produce absolutely stunning websites and mobile apps with great interaction design. Interfaces that are smooth and fun and let us understand information without even trying. But when it comes to email clients, we get a bit of a boring feeling, like using an old piece of software from 10 years ago. I think we can do better. So let's do that." Great ideas and beautiful design by Tobias van Schneider, but why he would forcefully shoehorn this clearly digital UI into Mac OS X is beyond me. It has no place there. This just screams Metro.
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by zima on Mon 16th Jul 2012 02:36 UTC in reply to "Suuure...."
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Now we're at it, why not redesign the alphabet? I mean it's several millenia old, and it's really boring to look at. Not to mention it wasn't invented here (as seen from Scandinavia).

But we did redesign the alphabet, numerous times - no alphabet is that (several millenia) old in unchanged form. Plus, even some not-too-old, purely graphical forms of "our" alphabet are often barely discernible, for us not used to them (for example, after my grandfather I have some ~century old books in a form of Blackletter, so just in the German variant of Latin alphabet ...thing is, I'm basically unable to read them at all)

And you did have an alphabet of your own, in Scandinavia, with runes ...I'm mostly descended from the only major European group of people (and more broadly, within the Mediterranean cultural background) who, as far as historians can tell, most likely didn't have any writing system in the full meaning of the term ( and PL article is more extensive, GTranslate works bearably).

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