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Windows Ars Technica is running an interesting article about the Mail application on Windows 8. It's one of the first party Metro applications, and Ars' conclusion is that it's really, really not up to snuff - it can't even compare favourably to the mail application on Windows Phone. The sad thing is, however - this applies to virtually all Metro applications.
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RE[2]: That's a start
by cyrilleberger on Mon 16th Jul 2012 08:03 UTC in reply to "RE: That's a start"
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Before that happens Ballmer and Sinofsky will be deemed idiots of the year for ignoring enterprise in a hopeless attempt at catching the iPad.

Dunno about the title of idiot of the year, but Ballmer has already won the one of worst CEO of the year:

"Without a doubt, Mr. Ballmer is the worst CEO of a large publicly traded American company today." (forbes)

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