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BeOS & Derivatives Today the latest SVN checkout of Haiku sources gave us very good news: app_server can now run Tracker (screenshot 1 2 3), although it crashes so often that it is actually unusable. You can check this yourself by downloading a Haiku image from Philipp Schmid's blog and running it in Virtual PC (or VMWare). This news is a sign that Haiku is near alpha release.
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You can run haiku NOW
by Tanner on Wed 6th Jul 2005 20:09 UTC
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You actually can!

I will make a tutorial soon.
You just have to set up a BFS partition on your hard drive, then boot BeOS R5, mount the image from philipp schmid blog, copy the contents in the BFS partition...

Configure GRUP et-voilą, you have haiku running as alternative OS in your multiboot configuration ;)

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