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Google Hurray for openness and the community: "Over the last week, our Jason Parker (a.k.a. kornyone) has been playing with his Nexus Q, seeing how far he could push it and how capable it could be. It started with the basics (fastboot and adb pushing) and then Trebuchet, Netflix and other apps, followed by XBMC for Android. Well, now Jason is back with another breakthrough - CM9." Just keep beating that tired and worn drum of placing open between quotation marks, John. You're very convincing.
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by henderson101 on Mon 16th Jul 2012 15:22 UTC
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Sorry Thom, when it comes to objectivity both you and Gruber are both petty and weak.

I've seen you rise to a good cause. I've seen you bleat on about the same old tired divisions (never taking a specific side, always finding fault in the same old tired arguments.)

Gruber is more of the same. But throughout all his Mac zealotry, he *does* support some surprising causes. Not everything shines out of the Cupertino campus.

One final point. Context is important. From my stand point, I'd tend to agree about the quotes around open with regards to the ouya. At the moment it is pure vapour. It *may* one day exist, but till it does, no one, and I mean NO ONE, outside of the company producing the platform can know for sure anything specific about it. All you have at the moment is "Android" (open, save binary blobs) and an unknown and vague hardware platform. Nothing more.

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