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Hardware, Embedded Systems Herb Sutter, a software architect from Microsoft, gave a speech yesterday at In-Stat/MDR's Fall Processor Forum. Addressing a crowd mostly consisting of hardware engineers, he talked about how the software world was ill-prepared to make use of the new multicore CPUs coming from Intel and AMD.
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by Anonymous on Sat 29th Oct 2005 01:08 UTC
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Well, yes, most apps are not written in the MS platform to be multi threaded but you still gain obvious benefits running multiple CPU's/cores on Windows especially in CPU intensive applications and multitasking. Try working in a digital Print environment without SMP or multi core CPU's, it's a bitch. Running spool jobs down to print servers and trying to Graphic Design at the same time is futile.

That being said, I have also witnessed what a properly SMP aware OS and platform are about in BeOS and you can not compare that experience to anything else on the desktop/workstation. Nothing comes close. At this point in time it is still the pinacle of desktop OS functioning. Nothing has come close to reproducing it (Haiku and Zeta excepted as they are based on BeOS parentage). It will take the likes of Apple and MS years to fully ramp up to SMP aware operating environments where developers write their code multithreaded not single threaded as is the majority case now.


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