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RISC OS Good news for Raspberry Pi owners (ha!): the RISC OS port is progressing along nicely. So much so, in fact, that a Raspberry Pi-based RISC OS machine is in the works. Stable beta release of RISC OS for the Pi planned for September!
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by henderson101 on Mon 16th Jul 2012 22:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: RISCOS"
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In 1992, yes. In 2002, not really. In 2012, you are insane. Pretty much as the Amiga nuts are (I was one of those too in the '90s, though I just played games mainly....)

Given that I stopped using RISCOS at 3.7, or whatever point version was on the A7000, it's horribly dated. Crashy, due to lack of memory protection. Half the legacy apps I used when I was a kid don't even work anymore because those older machines were 26bit, not 32bit. It was truly horrible and saddening to use.

The OS metaphore is not user friendly. What if I don't want to use drag and drop? I remember it being a total PITA to use on a Floppy only system. I think saying anything other than "unique" is total BS.

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