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Google Hurray for openness and the community: "Over the last week, our Jason Parker (a.k.a. kornyone) has been playing with his Nexus Q, seeing how far he could push it and how capable it could be. It started with the basics (fastboot and adb pushing) and then Trebuchet, Netflix and other apps, followed by XBMC for Android. Well, now Jason is back with another breakthrough - CM9." Just keep beating that tired and worn drum of placing open between quotation marks, John. You're very convincing.
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by kurkosdr on Mon 16th Jul 2012 22:36 UTC
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You know just as well as I do that's not his reason or putting quotes around "open".

To be frank, Android as offered in the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Tablet and Nexus Q doesn't meet any definition of "open".

It's not open source, since not only some userland apps, but also most drivers and codecs important for the function of the device that can't be removed, are closed source. So, it's mixed.

It's not open, because the APIs used for hardware video acceleration are not open in any of the 4 devices (an open device must have all of it's APIs documented).

So yeah, Android is "open". The existence of Cyanogen is not a proof of openness. Cyanogen just uses the same binary blobs vanilla Android uses.

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