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Features, Office Microsoft has released a consumer preview for Office 2013. Highlighting the age-old internal tug-of-war between the Office and Windows divisions within Microsoft, it's just a desktop application, no Metro, and the only nod to that whole touch/tablet-thing is a special mode that does very little. So, Windows 8 is just around the corner, and still not a single serious Metro application. Not even Microsoft's own flagship suite - heck, not even a single application within that suite - could be adapted to Metro in time. Serious vote of confidence from the Office division there.
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Good thing
by unoengborg on Mon 16th Jul 2012 23:48 UTC
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Actually it would be a good thing if MS-Office was not ported to Metro. The way most people work with MS-Office is a copy of the work flow people used around 1900 when the first typewriters became available. The only difference is that back then the information produced was hidden away and forgotten to never be found again in physical binders and filing cabinets instead of their windows desktop equivalents.

What we need today is software that makes it easy to search, combine and recombine information, and link various items of information together. In many cases wiki-like tools would make a lot more sense. MS office makes it tempting to save various copies of the same document on different machines or on different places, and in the people can't figure out what version of the document that is the valid one.

The problem gets worse the more devices we use. We might also want to view the information in different ways depending on what device we use. What we need is to maintain one version of the our documents preferably in some sort of cloud based service.

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