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Features, Office Microsoft has released a consumer preview for Office 2013. Highlighting the age-old internal tug-of-war between the Office and Windows divisions within Microsoft, it's just a desktop application, no Metro, and the only nod to that whole touch/tablet-thing is a special mode that does very little. So, Windows 8 is just around the corner, and still not a single serious Metro application. Not even Microsoft's own flagship suite - heck, not even a single application within that suite - could be adapted to Metro in time. Serious vote of confidence from the Office division there.
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" but today's tech writers are so jaded and/or know nothing about Office except on a very cursory level, that they don't do it justice.

Uh, my income depends on Office. I use it 8-12 hours a day.
And what do you do exactly with Office? I know plenty of people who use it as much as your claim, and most are not what I would call an `Office expert`. They probably don't even know what half the capabilities are, much less have any real knowledge or experience with them.

Your needs, like theirs, may be minimal thus making you ill-suited to do any revealing or in-depth reviews of the software.

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