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Syllable, AtheOS

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first release of Syllable Desktop, then plainly called Syllable 0.4.0. The original website and announcement are gone, and many other circumstances of the time have changed quite dramatically. The project is happy that Syllable is still here - which, judging by comparable ventures, is a feat to be proud of.

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Comment by jayrulez
by jayrulez on Tue 17th Jul 2012 14:47 UTC
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Syllable is pretty much dead at this point. The current programmers working on it may continue to do so as a hobby if they find that gratifying. However, do not expected it to be used as a primary... or secondary... or tertiary system by anyone but the programmers working on it. There are simply too many obstacles that Syllable needs to overcome in order to be a viable and attractive system.

The pace of development is just too slow while the functionality an operating system is required to implement to be considered usable in only increasing. The amount of man hours put into it is too little.

Syllable does not seem to have any direction. The modus operandi was for the system programmers to only work on the native API while they had no problem with external developers porting third party APIs like Qt, GTK, EFL etc... Not that them porting one of them is a bad thing... but what is the rationale behind doing it now?

There is practically no community around syllable. The forums are dead bar occasional posts from the Syllable programmers and a would be OS enthusiast who just started to explore the great many operating system stopping by before moving on to more promising platforms.

Syllable offers nothing new outside the status quo. There is just no incentive for one to follow and support syllable versus another more mature and promising platform.

In my opinion, Syllable needs programmers, direction, ambition and a community if it is to become anything but a tech demo.

There are more interesting systems in development like Genode and L4Re on the Fiasco.OC kernel. There is also Haiku, albeit less technically interesting that the other 2 mentioned.

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