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Legal A frontier where copyright reformists are actually scoring wins - not by reforming copyright, but by working around it. "The European Commission has announced its intention to make open access all research findings funded by Horizon 2020, its enormous, EUR 80 billion research-funding programme for 2014-20. And it is urging member states to follow its lead."
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A few thoughts
by pysiak on Tue 17th Jul 2012 18:20 UTC
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1) How much really is 'all'?
2) What if the publicized results show that the money was largely spent on redundant/useless research? Like redoing same old crap but with a tiny quirk, say "New Economic models for home insurance based on Social Networks", or actually good sounding research like "Common ontology for Telecommunications" which ends up being a bunch of papers that no telecom would use. A reform of EU research spending perhaps?
3) Would be nice if they would mandate open access for national administration to disclose information held by them to the citizen.

Just like Facebook or Google was made to offer a way to download your complete track record, we should be able to request the same from the government institutions. All data, all institutions. Of course whatever's allowed under law.

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