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Features, Office Microsoft has released a consumer preview for Office 2013. Highlighting the age-old internal tug-of-war between the Office and Windows divisions within Microsoft, it's just a desktop application, no Metro, and the only nod to that whole touch/tablet-thing is a special mode that does very little. So, Windows 8 is just around the corner, and still not a single serious Metro application. Not even Microsoft's own flagship suite - heck, not even a single application within that suite - could be adapted to Metro in time. Serious vote of confidence from the Office division there.
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And the other Tom is certainly not much of an Excel user. He didn't mention that Excel and PowerPoint are no longer MDI applications!!! Hallelujah!!! You can now put two Excel windows side-by-side, and copy-paste cells between them!!! This is a feature that serious Excel users have been waiting 12 years for!!!

The big problem with Excel for ages is that it hasn't been MDI for a long time. Probably since Office 2000 or so, I don't really remember.

With the old MDI versions, you had one menubar + toolbar and multiple document windows inside the main window. You could put the documents side by side. MS ditched that long ago for an SDI interface, but did do it a awkwardly with Excel. I really wish they kept the MDI for Excel, that would have been much easier to use than what we've had.

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