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Games "The truth is that this is the first post of the Valve Linux blog. This blog is where you can find the latest information from Valve about our Linux development efforts. Avoid the rumors and speculations that multiply on the Web. Instead, come to the source - a blog where people who are interested in Linux and open source game development can get the latest information on Valve's efforts in this arena. In this initial post, we'll introduce the team (and a bit of its history) and then give you a snapshot of what we're currently doing." Steam, Source, and Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Linux. We know why.
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Virtual console
by dsmogor on Wed 18th Jul 2012 06:58 UTC
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What I'd like to see is them to release a Linux gaming VM image as an ultimate way to fend off platform/version variability on Windows and Mac. Games actually have quite modest HW requirements - GPU, Audio, USB so visualising/tunnelling access to a tightly defined subset of HW sounds realistic.
They would have to kick Nvidia and Ati to deliver them updated quality linux drivers though.

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