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Features, Office So, Office 2013 is a desktop application with a new look (which I personally happen to like, ridiculous 'streaming' installation notwithstanding). Then there's OneNote MX - the first Metro Office application. It uses a rather interesting contextual radial menu to get things done - quite fascinating. It's in the Windows Store starting now. I've been playing with it for a bit, and I must say, there's a huge chance I'll be writing my OSNews articles in OneNote MX from now on; the ability to have multiple different text areas and pictures like in a real-world note/clipbook is very, very useful. Nice that it syncs across devices, too. Be sure to take a look - this is an indication of a possible future Metro Office.
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Have to admit
by on Wed 18th Jul 2012 08:56 UTC
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I've got to say, I have to admit the dial selector is pretty sweet. The eyecandy is impressive, the interface is neat, the functionality is interesting, and it seems reasonably practical and even a little fun.

Trouble is that I don't need OneNote for anything. Why is the only Microsoft Produced Metro app that I've seen done really well an app I doubt I'll ever use again.

Seriously, if IE 10 was half as slick and wasn't so damn buggy I might actually take an interest.

Oh well. Pleasantly surprised by Office 2013, not exactly blown away, but I'll use it over 2010, so a marginal victory there.

In the meantime OneNote did precisely one useful thing for me - introduce me to the Microsoft Store - where everything seems to be free for the moment.

Seriously Microsoft - you should have called it 'App Center' or 'Metropolis' or something.

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