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Legal "A judge in Britain is forcing Apple to publicly acknowledge that Samsung didn't copy the iPad, according to a report by Bloomberg. A judge has ordered Apple to post a notice on its website and in British newspapers highlighting a recent ruling that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple must leave that notice up on its website for the next six months." Apple can still appeal this decision, but I'm hoping it'll be denied. This is just too hilarious not to go through.
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RE[2]: I'm happy!!!
by mrstep on Thu 19th Jul 2012 17:27 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm happy!!!"
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It's not that I like this patent crap either, but if Apple didn't patent the disappearing scroll bar, then someone else would and would sue them / try to block their products. The system is just a friggin' mess. I'm fully aware the none of the big companies are trying to change it since they happen to be the only ones with enough money to abuse other companies (i.e. this helps keep small companies down because they can't afford to play in this sandbox), but it isn't specifically Apple.

In terms of thinking Microsoft is more mature: Were you too young to follow the antitrust lawsuits and why they were happening? Combining dominant market position with incompatible networking / file formats / APIs, forced bundling of their OS, wholesale theft of technologies, etc. doesn't strike me as the example I'd use. The government has them on a tight(er) leash today. If Apple had a 90+% ownership of smartphones / PCs / whatever, you'd be more likely to see the government step in - they get somewhat freer reign because they're not by any definition in a monopoly position.

Anyway, I saw this ruling and thought it was a joke: The backs of the devices are distinguishable. Really? That's from a supposedly educated judge?

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