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Windows The moment Microsoft announced it would lock other browsers out of being installed on Windows RT, we all knew regulatory bodies the world over were wringing their hands. Today, this has been confirmed: in the wake of an investigation into Microsoft not complying with the existing antitrust rulings regarding browser choice, the EU has also announced it's investigating Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 RT (ARM).
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RE: How to restore competition
by ronaldst on Thu 19th Jul 2012 18:49 UTC in reply to "How to restore competition"
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Let the people fix the competition "problem". The government needs to stay out of people's way. What government needs to do is lower barriers to entry by eliminating/fixing the bogus patent system, decreasing the paperwork and lowering taxes.

Silly things like ballot boxes, sharing APIs, N versions, "predatory" pricing arguments only exist to waste people's precious time/money, further career politician and grow wasteful bureaucracies.

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