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Amiga & AROS I don't really know which part to quote here, but I urge you to read Trevor Dickinson's latest blog entry. Trevor is one of the driving forces behind the AmigaONE X1000, and a major Amiga enthusiast with an extensive collection of machines and loads of experience. His post covers all sorts of various stuff from the Amiga world, and definitely worth a read. He's also the person behind the delicious sock cake. Also, the OSNews title here is terrible. Sorry.
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In case anyone missed it:
by tidux on Thu 19th Jul 2012 21:24 UTC
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That "module to emulate classic Amiga software without proprietary Kickstarter and Workbench files" in AROS is a complete port of AROS to the m68k Amigas. It's far enough along that the Natami folks will be able to ship with AROS m68k or a distribution thereof, assuming they ship sometime before the heat death of the universe.

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