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Windows The moment Microsoft announced it would lock other browsers out of being installed on Windows RT, we all knew regulatory bodies the world over were wringing their hands. Today, this has been confirmed: in the wake of an investigation into Microsoft not complying with the existing antitrust rulings regarding browser choice, the EU has also announced it's investigating Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 RT (ARM).
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RE[4]: How to restore competition
by Alfman on Fri 20th Jul 2012 01:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: How to restore competition"
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"Big government is nice..."

This is sarcasm; my statement "minimal government is nice" was not.

"Only where there is government granted special favours (patents, etc...) you'll find monopolies."

Actually, monopolies are a predicable and expected result of unbridled capitalism. The industrial revolution brought about many famous monopolists before big government.

Consider the game of monopoly. At the beginning everything is pretty fair, everyone starts with comparable assets. With the right luck and skill, one can take over the board. Now consider the exact same game, but a new player joins it much later. Neither luck nor skill will get them ahead any more because existing players own and control everything. The existing players may even be reckless and terrible, but it doesn't matter how poorly they play because new players don't have any chance at all without some kind of game reset or connections.

Real capitalistic markets are very similar. New markets start out with plenty of opportunity, over time they become dominated by a handful of players cornering almost the entire market. As I indicated earlier, capitalism is good, but it needs some kind of levelling mechanism to keep it from degenerating into monopolies and oligopolies.

"And where will you find people, that don't have an agenda, to level the playing field?"

Have a little faith in people, you'll be surprised. ;)

On a serious note though, I think you've nailed down one of the problems with government - it is rarely run in the interests of it's citizens.

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