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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla is creating a new kind of mobile operating system that is aligned with standards-based Web technologies. The platform, called Firefox OS, consists of the Gecko HTML rendering engine, a thin hardware enablement layer built on the Linux kernel, and a user interface layer called Gaia that is implemented entirely in HTML and JavaScript. The project was first announced in 2011 with the codename Boot2Gecko. It has matured considerably since then and is expected to arrive on handsets next year. Developers who want to get a head start will be pleased to learn that Mozilla has started producing daily builds of a B2G test environment that runs on conventional desktop computers."
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by Finalzone on Fri 20th Jul 2012 07:36 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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It'd be nice if it did but I doubt it, between Apple on the high and Google on every other there really isn't any room. Heck MSFT is spending $450 a pop just to get people to pay $50 for a Lumia and can't get any takers, what prayer does this have?

I think there is for Firefox OS. The ability to install that OS on existing Android Phone brings interest to tinkerers. Blackberry used to be on top back and now where it is.

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