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Google "Google today announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2012. 'Google standalone had a strong quarter with 21% year-on-year revenue growth, and we launched a bunch of exciting new products at I/O - in particular the Nexus 7 tablet, which has received rave reviews,' said Larry Page, CEO of Google, 'This quarter is also special because Motorola is now part of the Google family, and we're excited about the potential to build great devices for users.'"
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Hum, lets recap a long list of things/companies that or were in the path or tried it latter.
On online advertising:
- Crushed all others;

On search:
- Altavista - crushed;
- Yahoo (search) - crushed;
- Bing - failed.

On browsers:
- raised to 2nd position even though was last to arrive. With the explosion of smart-phones, lined to be the first.

On Phones:
- Nokia - crushed;
- RIM - crushed;
- Palm - crushed;
- Apple - failed to get market leadership.

On tablets:
- Little success so far, but improving.

On maps:
- Crushed all others.

On online services (mail, office):
- getting their share.

On social nOt-working:
- Seems like Google+ is improving.

We cannot say that Google created all things or were first to the market in pretty much any segment they do business, but they know better than any other company I know how the leverage what is there to help improve their own business and, while doing it, also helping foster a lot of FOSS projects.

Also, they put a lot of effort on partnership. That was a strong point of Microsoft before they became the leviathan they are today and started to disrespect or neglect the ties they had acting like a dictator and pissing off left and right. Hope google does not follow this path.

Oh, yeah, Firefox user here.

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