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Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first release of Syllable Desktop, then plainly called Syllable 0.4.0. The original website and announcement are gone, and many other circumstances of the time have changed quite dramatically. The project is happy that Syllable is still here - which, judging by comparable ventures, is a feat to be proud of.

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RE[2]: great
by cipri on Fri 20th Jul 2012 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE: great"
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Myself? Yes.

I think, as a celebration of 10 years of syllable, it would have been (at least for me personally) more interesting to see an overview made by you and kaj, about the last 10 years of syllable. But a honest one (not one meant to make publicity for syllable). And explaining again, how all started, and what happened over the years. What where the successes and the failures. What where the major events (good ones, but also the bad ones(e.g. arno leaving?)). And making a status report and explaining what the current situation of syllable is, and what is planned for the future.
Even the current situation might be a bad one, i think honesty will not harm that much, in this specific situation.

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