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In the News Okay, so this is entirely new to me. Sparrow is was an email client for Mac OS X and iOS (and Windows), which brought a decent Gmail experience to these platforms - as opposed to Apple's own not-so-good Gmail support and Google's Gmail iOS application which, well, is just a webpage. Google has now acquired Sparrow, and basically all hell has broken loose, to the point of Rian van der Merwe writing that 'we' lost "faith in a philosophy that we thought was a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future for independent software development, where most innovation happens".
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Whining about the makers of an email client being acquired by Google seems asinine.

Of course, open source... Sure, go ahead and use the fantastic open source alternatives instead. The exceptionally high quality of OSS (far exceeding that of any paid OS or application) has been demonstrated over and over again, so it's amazing anyone pays for software nowadays, right? (OK, oddly the highest quality open source projects seem to be the ones that companies contribute time & resources to...)

Alternately, swallow the major $5 investment and be prepared to move on at some point. Nobody lines up to build you a car for free or drive you around town for free, so this Stallman expectation that people should give away their work for free because it's software is just f*cking ludicrous.

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