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Graphics, User Interfaces Mike Elgan at Cult of Mac: "It must surely be a sign of the impending apocalypse that Microsoft's operating systems have 'more taste' than Apple's. I'm referring, of course, to Apple's inexplicable use of skeuomorphic design in iOS and OS X apps, and contrasting that with Microsoft's stark avoidance of such cheesy gimmickry in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone user interfaces. A skeuomorphic design in software is one that 'decorates' the interface with fake reality - say, analog knobs or torn paper. The problem is worse than it sounds." Won't come as a surprise to anyone that I wholeheartedly agree with this one. iOS and Mac OS X are ruined by an incredibly high Microsoft BOB factor. I have no idea how - or if - Apple will address this, or if the current downward spiral is going to continue.
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Not a big fan of skeuomorphic
by redshift on Sun 22nd Jul 2012 22:45 UTC
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I hate the overly gratuitous skeuomorphic design elements and favor clean lines. It is ok to make things feel tactile..... Subtle gradients and shadows can enhance, but when they get amped up too strong, they can become garish and decrease readability fast. I would much rather they used the default UI elements of the system than wrap things in ugly leather. I don't like it in the address book... but it really crosses the line in the calendar app on OSX.

I give you that MS has at least provided a clean design in metro (they already proved they did not understand how to use gradients and shadows correctly in previous releases, so it is good they stayed away from them). But the way it is tacked on to win 8 and how functionality is not easily discovered, doesn't lead me to believe they know what they are doing yet user experience wise. But I would not mind if UI's trend towards a cleaner look as a result of Metro.

My theory is that guy who did all those awful alternate themes for Apple's unrealized Copland release (in the pre OSX days), is still working at Apple as a skeuomorphic ui consultant.

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