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Amiga & AROS The AROS distribution Icaros Desktop has made its next step towards compatibility with legacy Amiga workbench applications, including an entire AROS enviroment compiled for the classic Amiga platform, which is almost binary compatible with the original Amiga OS 3.1 (and its extensions). When the user needs an old program, he or she only has to fire up the AROS M68K environment and run the application. The Amiga virtual machine can optionally be set to run at startup like a system service.
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RE[4]: AMOS Pro is included?
by Zobeid on Mon 23rd Jul 2012 00:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: AMOS Pro is included?"
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Well, it's an 800 MB download.... I guess they must have a lot of compression going on there!

I have to really wonder what's taking up all that space. This is supposed to be a near-clone of Amiga OS, right? I remember when Amiga OS came on six 880K floppy disks (not counting the Kickstart ROM!). I know AROS has got a lot of additional stuff: dev kit (it was available separately for Amiga OS), a TCP/IP stack, email, web browser... not to mention AMOS Pro, Hurrican and various other apps... and drivers... but still. How did it get this big?

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