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Google Without giving any detailed information, Madfinger Games announced that because the piracy rates of their game Dead Trigger were so high on Android, they made the game available for free. This sucks balls. I'm interested in more detailed statistics, especially where, exactly, the piracy rate is highest, considering you can only get paid Google Play applications in 31 countries, and then, often only with a credit card (which many people outside of the US don't have and/or use). It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if those piracy rates mostly come from places without paid applications support and/or with lousy payment options. In any case, Google needs to get its act together with the Play Store.
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RE[6]: What about kids?
by Alfman on Tue 24th Jul 2012 01:35 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: What about kids?"
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"Cash is easily lost, stolen, and destroyed. Take a vacation or make a major shopping trip to town and you'd have to have hundreds, or thousands, of dollars in cash. Who carries that much cash around nowadays?"

Ah yes, but who has a credit card and hasn't been denied transactions on the card due to "suspicious activity" while on vacation? I've been seeing more and more of these false positives in recent years.

Once I even had my ATM account disabled and I could not withdraw money to pay my rent. This was on a friday and I called my bank to beg them to access my own money and they refused to do anything about it until monday...needless to say, my rent was late and I was extremely upset. But that's the truth, if you don't have cash, your money is at the whim of somebody else.

And you can't even blame the companies for eyeing purchases with such suspicion, so called "identify theft" is rampant given the inherent insecurity behind our payment systems in the US. Use the card at a restaurant, it can be trivially copied with a pen, smartphone camera, or even carbon paper. There are even reports of credit card skimmers at gas stations and ATMs where the credit card is copied without ever leaving your hand. This is because US credit cards are stuck in the past, decades behind state of the art cryptography.

Who knows when the US will finally adapt secure charge cards? Probably when they finally come around to using metric [/sarcasm].

"It's especially difficult, or at least inconvenient, to even buy gas (petrol) without a Visa/Mastercard since any modern station has pay-at-the-pump. Many stations ~only~ have pay-at-the-pump, especially late at night."

Really? I've seen the exact opposite, here in new york state many gas stations are encouraging cash use because high merchant fees on card transactions are skimming away at profit margins.

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