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Google Without giving any detailed information, Madfinger Games announced that because the piracy rates of their game Dead Trigger were so high on Android, they made the game available for free. This sucks balls. I'm interested in more detailed statistics, especially where, exactly, the piracy rate is highest, considering you can only get paid Google Play applications in 31 countries, and then, often only with a credit card (which many people outside of the US don't have and/or use). It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if those piracy rates mostly come from places without paid applications support and/or with lousy payment options. In any case, Google needs to get its act together with the Play Store.
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RE[7]: What about kids?
by Bobthearch on Tue 24th Jul 2012 01:49 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: What about kids?"
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I don't disagree with any of your comments on credit card security. While I've never had a card shut off in mid-transaction, I've seen it happen.

re gas stations: If you're paying cash at many stations you have to go in, wait in line, and pre-pay for fuel. Then after fueling you have to go back in, stand in line again, and wait for change or a receipt.

By comparison, using the card at the pump is very fast and easy. Furthermore, it protects the station owners from drive-offs (people pumping fuel and not paying).

And, as I mentioned, many stations are unattended at night (some stations don't have clerks at all) and the only way to get fuel is by inserting a Visa/Mastercard at the pump.

As a result, you really need a card for traveling. You can't even make a motel reservation, even if paying cash, without giving a credit card number. Pretty sure airline tickets and rental cars are the same situation.

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