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In the News Okay, so this is entirely new to me. Sparrow is was an email client for Mac OS X and iOS (and Windows), which brought a decent Gmail experience to these platforms - as opposed to Apple's own not-so-good Gmail support and Google's Gmail iOS application which, well, is just a webpage. Google has now acquired Sparrow, and basically all hell has broken loose, to the point of Rian van der Merwe writing that 'we' lost "faith in a philosophy that we thought was a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future for independent software development, where most innovation happens".
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RE: Comment by sicofante
by Soulbender on Tue 24th Jul 2012 04:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by sicofante"
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earned $10 from each of their thousands of users , and then they got 25 million USD for their company.

Unless the thousands of users are more than 10k they didn't exactly rake in the profits.

How on Earth would Sparrow devs and investors become financially healthy by giving away their code?

How do you know they where financially healthy? Actually, you said they where starving.

Now please explain how could they have done that by going open source.

Neither the GPL nor the BSD/MIT license prohibits you from selling your product at a profit.

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of just hiring people to develop a new e-mail client for Gmail

Good for you. Sounds like an interesting project.

Open source applications can only be made by students being fed by their parents or teams sponsored by big corporations

Wow, what a bunch of nonsense. There's plenty of proof to the contrary.
Stop talking before you make an ever bigger fool of yourself.

The Sparrow experience encourages every adult developer not willing to work for huge corporations to go closed source, not the opposite.

Well, that's their choice then. They should do what they feel suits them the best, be it open source or closed.

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