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Windows "Though Windows 7 doesn't quite have the same experience when it comes to resolution and scaling control as OS X does - it can be a bit of a chore to get it just the way you like it - it's still quite useable on the Retina MacBook Pro's 15" 2880 x 1800 pixel screen. I recommend running Windows at full resolution with the 150 percent scaling setting - that seemed to give the best overall usability. 'Retina' class desktop displays are still a relative rarity today, so it will be some time before software developers adapt applications to best take advantage of such a resolution. In the meantime, you should have no trouble running Windows on the Retina MacBook Pro if the need arises." A look at how Windows 8 handles the display would've been nice, too.
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Memory management
by ebasconp on Tue 24th Jul 2012 14:56 UTC
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My comment is "very" out-of-topic but I am seriously thinking on replacing my macbook pro main OS to Windows because the poor memory management I see in OS X.

I run three virtual machines with 1Gb of RAM each one and my computer (with 8Gb RAM) starts to swap contents to disk, the "inactive memory" is never freed, the "free memory" is around 40Mb and everything gets incredibly slow and makes the computer hard to use with nothing more than VMware Fusion running on top of the host OS.

The same three virtual machines in a Windows box with 8Gb make the system to use barely 4Gb, letting 4Gb free for more Windows apps.

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