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Amiga & AROS The AROS distribution Icaros Desktop has made its next step towards compatibility with legacy Amiga workbench applications, including an entire AROS enviroment compiled for the classic Amiga platform, which is almost binary compatible with the original Amiga OS 3.1 (and its extensions). When the user needs an old program, he or she only has to fire up the AROS M68K environment and run the application. The Amiga virtual machine can optionally be set to run at startup like a system service.
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RE[2]: AMOS Pro is included?
by zima on Wed 25th Jul 2012 03:38 UTC in reply to "RE: AMOS Pro is included?"
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Other than nostalgia what is the point?
I mean I can understand why you'd want Amiga back in the day, with its specialized chips it was a multimedia monster in an age where a 30 FPS 320x240 video on anybody else was frankly impossible.
But why now? what does Amiga offer that the others don't? [...] other than nostalgia what is the appeal?
[...] what is the point of completely rebuilding a long dead OS like this?

Remember, AROS started in what was basically still mid-90s, when the memory was fresh. And then they managed to keep tinkering with it - good for them, I'd say (considering how many ~hobby OS died along the way).
But at least AROS seems the least crazy out of all ~Amiga projects, it mostly realizes its place - while some other camps sometimes seemed to behave and express like they're just those few steps away from taking back the world.

And 30 FPS 320x240 video? I don't think that was possible on pretty much anything-consumer (and was brought largely by PCs, later) - CDXL had considerably lower resolution and framerate, plus very limited colour palette.
unless you meant animation, but that's a bit distinct (and, within different gfx styles, some other machines could do it too)

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