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Google "I read earlier this week about a developer who made their Android version free after the $1 game was extensively pirated. Stories like this come as no surprise, but the industry press rarely deals with the core problem - and nor does Google. [...] Whilst the aforementioned story about the Android game didn't surprise me, it did horrify me. Android is designed to be difficult to make money from, and the core issue is that it's open - with the corrosive mentality that surrounds such openness."
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RE: Ehh?
by Athlander on Wed 25th Jul 2012 04:27 UTC in reply to "Ehh?"
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Still, if IOS is so great then wy is Matt Gemmel complaining? He already operates in what he thinks is the perfect environment, why does he feel the need to attack Android/openess, it shouldn't affect him one little bit?

I think I know what his problem is with "open" - he was a naïve advocate of open source who has turned against it for some reason, probably a result of a traumatic incident. In his near-hysterical diatribe against anything "open" he comes across like one of those men who hate and despise women because a girlfriend cheated on him and broke his heart. So he seizes upon any negative news story to say "I told you so!" and reaffirm his hatred.

If Apple pulls one of his apps from the App Store, thereby being bad for his business, the poor guy will probably kill himself.

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