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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Nokia is set to market their first Windows Phone 8 hardware differently, according to a report by the Financial Times. The manufacturer will be entering into partnerships with a handful of EU carriers to exclusively launch their next generation Windows Phone. The newspaper states the company has already entered into talks with a number of operators including France Telecom." Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but doesn't carrier exclusivity kind of rely on people actually, you know, desperately wanting a certain device? It's like Nokia's executives live in this fairytale land where people are actually buying Lumias and plan their actions accordingly. It's uncanny.
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RE: We will see
by cdude on Wed 25th Jul 2012 05:43 UTC in reply to "We will see"
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Lumia cannot flighying off the shelves any longer cause they are not available in most shelves. If you decrease the number of shelves drastical then you decrease sales drastical, very simple math teached in junior high already. Even Apple changed there exclusive-strategy cause iPhone was, back then, selling far below expectations. Let alone that the conditions for Lumia are very different.

I think what Nokia is doing here is to sideline Lumia to make room for plan B, Android. Or does anybody believe Nokia just stops to offer smartphones on most sells channels? I cannot believe they would be so stupid. But then I was thinking the same about Elops previous steps and everytime it turned out, that there was no strategy behind.

RIP Nokia.

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