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Google "I read earlier this week about a developer who made their Android version free after the $1 game was extensively pirated. Stories like this come as no surprise, but the industry press rarely deals with the core problem - and nor does Google. [...] Whilst the aforementioned story about the Android game didn't surprise me, it did horrify me. Android is designed to be difficult to make money from, and the core issue is that it's open - with the corrosive mentality that surrounds such openness."
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by ze_jerkface on Wed 25th Jul 2012 10:01 UTC in reply to "Comment"
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But mobile applications are dirt cheap and really easy to get. This is really fucked up. What possible motivation could these people have?

It's just like pc gaming where dorks think they are "sticking it to the man" by not paying. Problem is that when piracy ratios get high enough it fucks up the market for everyone, including them.

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