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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Nokia is set to market their first Windows Phone 8 hardware differently, according to a report by the Financial Times. The manufacturer will be entering into partnerships with a handful of EU carriers to exclusively launch their next generation Windows Phone. The newspaper states the company has already entered into talks with a number of operators including France Telecom." Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but doesn't carrier exclusivity kind of rely on people actually, you know, desperately wanting a certain device? It's like Nokia's executives live in this fairytale land where people are actually buying Lumias and plan their actions accordingly. It's uncanny.
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RE[5]: Comment by ronaldst
by plague on Wed 25th Jul 2012 11:14 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by ronaldst"
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Uh, you didn't read my post I take it?

Yes, I have worked in support, I still do.
I clearly stated "I help people with their computer "issues" for a living".

But I also said that it takes _very_ little for the average Joe to be completely helpless, regardless of the OS.
They need support for the simplest of problems.
So it doesn't matter if an OS uses the command-line for certain power-actions or a graphical UI, the regular user will need support way before that anyways.
That's why I'm saying it's a toss-up between all OS's. Regular desktop users simply don't understand computers, regardless of the OS.

Also, having to use the command-line in Linux for regular desktop use is no longer a valid argument and hasn't been for years.
Most desktop users will never have to touch the command-line, as the system is already set up and working for pretty much every task a _regular_ desktop user would expect (mail, internet, office, movies, music, pictures, etc). Ubuntu, for example, has ease-of-use as a top priority.
It's also _way_ easier to install applications on a desktop Linux system, such as Ubuntu, than for example Windows, due to the software center/app store.

I have to help people install an application in Windows, as they cannot even do that themselves.

Windows 8 will in some regard be better there, with their Metro app store, but regular desktop applications will still be the same headache for regular users and I absolutely _dread_ the launchdate for Windows 8, as I know what awaits us who have to do the support. Ironically the worst headache of Windows 8 will be Metro. People will not recognize it and they will want to get rid of it. For the guy (that would be me) who has to sell it to them and then give support on it, it'll be a small nightmare. Vista all over again.

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