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Windows The moment Microsoft announced it would lock other browsers out of being installed on Windows RT, we all knew regulatory bodies the world over were wringing their hands. Today, this has been confirmed: in the wake of an investigation into Microsoft not complying with the existing antitrust rulings regarding browser choice, the EU has also announced it's investigating Windows 8 x86 and Windows 8 RT (ARM).
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RE: Tip of the iceberg
by zima on Wed 25th Jul 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "Tip of the iceberg"
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I never quite understood why attempts to hit Microsoft with antitrust actions are so focused on the browser (Internet Explorer).

They are not, browsers are just something visible that the public understands and can keep track of, everything you remember evidently... but the other issues you raised (AND MUCH MORE) were and are looked at, they (and not the browsers) were often the subject of heavy fines.

Just go through for a start, would you?

MS licensing terms vs other OS were also looked at (also around the US case), MS doesn't do that any more and they were under a watchful eye.
(but let's be honest, hardly anybody even wants dual-boot)

Unless this is about shouting things out, in a happy ~OSS circle-jerk, without any basis in facts...

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