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In the News Okay, so this is entirely new to me. Sparrow is was an email client for Mac OS X and iOS (and Windows), which brought a decent Gmail experience to these platforms - as opposed to Apple's own not-so-good Gmail support and Google's Gmail iOS application which, well, is just a webpage. Google has now acquired Sparrow, and basically all hell has broken loose, to the point of Rian van der Merwe writing that 'we' lost "faith in a philosophy that we thought was a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future for independent software development, where most innovation happens".
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While VLC has it's problems I've never seen it screw up that badly.

Hm? It screws up very often like that, while seeking. Yes, that is resolved when the next "full" frame is encountered ...still, some other players don't have that issue at all (and seemingly without performance impact, and with seeking being much more responsive and precise - MPlayer is like that, and I use SMplayer too)

And sure, the differences with 2nd link aren't that great (check out the last comment there... and do you compare on cheap TN screen? ;p ), but still (it's more about this common VLC propaganda of sorts, like it's the greatest video-playing achievement ever - it has many faults too, and it's momentum probably comes mostly just from being since the ~beginning an all-in-one installer for Windows)

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