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Internet & Networking A free, new report from the New America Foundation compares cost, speed, and availabilty of internet connectivity in 22 cities around the world. The report concludes that U.S. consumers face comparatively high, rising connectivity costs, even while the majority have very limited choices -- often only one or two providers. The report argues that U.S. broadband policies need to change, otherwise consumer choice will continue to deteriorate.
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Not a fair comparison. All operating systems commercially available require faster parts than those you listed. So all users need to use faster parts. Unlike motorists needing 300+ Hp.

And internet bandwidth has nothing to do with horsepower either.

If I need to download a Linux DVD-ISO - are you suggesting I must wait all day for that to occur?

Should updating 3 windows computers in the same house render an internet connection useless during that process?

Right now on 6mb dsl, I can stream two shows in HD while two users actively surf the web at normal speed. Some people might need greater speed, but not everyone does at this point.

6mbit DSL would be great! And I'm still waiting to find out if I can get that at this house.

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