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Internet & Networking A free, new report from the New America Foundation compares cost, speed, and availabilty of internet connectivity in 22 cities around the world. The report concludes that U.S. consumers face comparatively high, rising connectivity costs, even while the majority have very limited choices -- often only one or two providers. The report argues that U.S. broadband policies need to change, otherwise consumer choice will continue to deteriorate.
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I have lived in a very large metropolitan area (2.5-3 million people when you factored in the suburbs) for most of my life and we had perhaps 3 viable broadband options. Luckily one of them was Time Warner Cable which is fantastic both from the customer service side and the functionality side, but I was lucky. Currently I live in a much smaller metropolitan area (around 150k people) and we have 2 options here, AT&T and Charter. Again, very lucky, Charter has 100 Megabit Service, but their customer service sucks (thankfully haven't needed it). More options would be nice.

I have friends here that are only a few miles outside of town and they can only get a 1.5 Megabit dsl connection.

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