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Gnome Honest question. Do you think the GNOME project is as healthy today as it was, say, 4 years ago? Benjamin Otte explains that no, it isn't. GNOME lacks developers, goals, mindshare and users. The situation as he describes it, is a lot more dire than I personally thought.
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by Netfun81 on Fri 27th Jul 2012 20:15 UTC in reply to "Well"
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maybe if your idea of success is market share. However, the reason I prefer using Linux over osx and windows is that I can choose my desktop gui. If I want a lighter and faster desktop I can choose openbox, dwm, or another window manger. If I want something more feature packed and heavier I can choose xfce, gnome, or KDE. Easy to change at bootup depending on what I want at that time. To me, that is the real strength of Linux and other open OS's - freedom of choice. I think locking into a desktop gui and not allowing the easy change to another would hurt not help GNU/Linux.

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