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Legal "Mojang is one of ten companies, including Electronic Arts, GameLoft and Square Enix, that have been named in the lawsuit. The patent that Uniloc claims Mojang and others are using without permission describes a way to check that a person wanting to play a game has the right to do so. If not, that person is locked out of the game. In its court papers, Uniloc says the version of Minecraft for Android mobile phones violates its patented technology. Throughout the court papers, Uniloc misspells the name of the hugely popular game as 'Mindcraft'." Markus Persson, known as Notch, has this to say: "Software patents are plain evil. Innovation within software is basically free, and it's growing incredibly rapid. Patents only slow it down." Notch added that he will throw piles of money at this case to make sure the trolls don't get a cent.
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Good Example of a Bad Patent
by jburnett on Sat 28th Jul 2012 02:58 UTC
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This patent is a good example of why software should not be patentable. It is really difficult to figure out what exactly is patented here, and there are so many missing details that it would be impossible to recreate the original "invention" from the description. Additionally, it appears to be multiple inventions covered by a single patent, which isn't supposed to happen. It is amazing this patent was granted in the first place.

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