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Gnome Honest question. Do you think the GNOME project is as healthy today as it was, say, 4 years ago? Benjamin Otte explains that no, it isn't. GNOME lacks developers, goals, mindshare and users. The situation as he describes it, is a lot more dire than I personally thought.
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Comment by Luminair
by Luminair on Sat 28th Jul 2012 05:22 UTC
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gnome is like most things in the desktop linux world: made by strange people to suit their strange fantasies. of course this is because everyone else is happy puttering along with windows or mac. I'm not hating on strange people.

but at best this stuff has no place among normal people. at worst it has no place among nerds either. it is clear to most now that gnome went a bridge too far with gnome3, and strangely enough ubuntu did too when they abandoned gnome.

we'll see who wins. gnome3, unity, and metro, or cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and classic shell. I don't have the inside track, but the smart money always bets on what worked in the past. no strange fantasies.

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