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Gnome According to some, one of the adoption problems of the Gnome development platform is the lack of good documentation for new developers. And so the GNOME Foundation has hired Shaun McCance as a contractor to write such documentation. Elsewhere, the Gnome developers discuss about which new apps should be included in the upcoming Gnome 2.14 release.
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RE[3]: How OSN works
by Soulbender on Sat 29th Oct 2005 15:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: How OSN works"
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"Well, If you don`t like my comments then it`s your freedom to go and read on another site."

You dont get it. Your comments are not relevant for the topic at hand. This is not a "Whats your opinion on GNOME" news item.

"I for myself take the same given chance that has been given to most other readers to speak out my very own opinion and I believe I don`t have to justify this infront of you or anyone else."

When you post "opinions" that has no relevance to the topic you do.

" Sometimes the truth around GNOME seem to hurt too much ;) "
Opinions are not facts nor truth but that's besides the point anyway. You are trolling.

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