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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In case you were still doubting whether or not Apple's lawsuits against Samsung were a case of 'if you can't compete, litigate', Samsung's financial results should seal the deal. The company shipped round and about 50 million smartphones, twice as many smartphones as Apple shipped. So, not only is Android doing better on smartphones than iOS, there's now also a single manufacturer outselling Apple. Oh, the next avenue for de-emphasizing this achievement has already reared its head: Samsung has a wider portfolio, and as such, the comparison isn't fair. Nonsense, of course - Volkswagen sells lots more models than, say, Mazda, but that doesn't mean you can't compare them. Maybe, just maybe, having a wide portfolio of devices to meet the various different needs of the market is simply a very good strategy. It'll be interesting to see just how much Apple can take back with the next iPhone, especially since the full potential of the Galaxy SIII hasn't been realised yet and will be accounted for in Samsung's next quarter as well. Fun, such a fight between titans. Just too bad one of the two titans plays dirty by opting for the courtroom.
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Getting tired of iSheep
by wargum on Sat 28th Jul 2012 16:45 UTC
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Argument after argument about why Apple is doing just fine against Android and isn't in any trouble has been dismissed by reality.

1) When Android picked up some pace, there was this 'shipped vs. sold' BS.

2) Then it all didn't matter because the metrics failed to include the iPod touch and the iPad, which gave them iSheep the warm feeling of platform dominance for a short period.

3) Then the argument was that, of course (!) all the Android phones of different manufacturers combined with their gazillion models outsell the iPhone, but Apple still sells the highest volume of any company.

4) Oh and they complained how Apple is not on every carrier, totally ignoring that this was Apple's self made trap.

5) Apple's slower sales growth compared to Android was even excused by limits in the supply chain and manufacturing process. Again, self-inflicted.

6) Then it was App count (more = better).

7) Then it was and still is profits.

8) Then it was App exclusiveness.

9) Now it is App quality.

I am really getting tired of it. The next arguments to crack down are:

A) A single phone model of a competitor will outsell the best selling iPhone model.

B) App count of Play Store will top App Store.

C) App quality and exclusiveness of Apps will soon be equal or are there already.

But there is one thing that may be true a bit longer: Apple is the most profitable smartphone maker. If you've read Gruber and collegues lately, squeezing every cent out of your customers is now the coolest thing. Absurdly high margins are now THE benchmark. And those poor minds don't even realize that this is exactly what leads to the market share losses of the iPhone that we currently observe. Full throttle back into the niche.

Apple needs to go for market share now! Otherwise, they will become a relatively irrelevant also-ran with a tons of money, that won't help. They are already hit by their static release cycle, the fact that carriers recommend Android phones over iPhones because that gives them higher margins and their self-inflicted restriction in resulution/screen size of their devices, that makes it extremely difficult to introduce more models and diversity of their smartphone lineup.

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