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Internet & Networking A free, new report from the New America Foundation compares cost, speed, and availabilty of internet connectivity in 22 cities around the world. The report concludes that U.S. consumers face comparatively high, rising connectivity costs, even while the majority have very limited choices -- often only one or two providers. The report argues that U.S. broadband policies need to change, otherwise consumer choice will continue to deteriorate.
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RE[2]: Lazy bums!
by jefro on Sat 28th Jul 2012 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Lazy bums!"
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Easy, look at your bill. It varies on state to state and how much you pay. Nice of you to pay for lazy bum's by the way. Thanks.

No one NEEDS internet. Millions of people do fine without it everyday in every walk of life from poor to advanced countries. Try to live a normal life without it for a week. You will find books, and people who talk to each other and friends and sports and well, the list goes on.

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