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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In case you were still doubting whether or not Apple's lawsuits against Samsung were a case of 'if you can't compete, litigate', Samsung's financial results should seal the deal. The company shipped round and about 50 million smartphones, twice as many smartphones as Apple shipped. So, not only is Android doing better on smartphones than iOS, there's now also a single manufacturer outselling Apple. Oh, the next avenue for de-emphasizing this achievement has already reared its head: Samsung has a wider portfolio, and as such, the comparison isn't fair. Nonsense, of course - Volkswagen sells lots more models than, say, Mazda, but that doesn't mean you can't compare them. Maybe, just maybe, having a wide portfolio of devices to meet the various different needs of the market is simply a very good strategy. It'll be interesting to see just how much Apple can take back with the next iPhone, especially since the full potential of the Galaxy SIII hasn't been realised yet and will be accounted for in Samsung's next quarter as well. Fun, such a fight between titans. Just too bad one of the two titans plays dirty by opting for the courtroom.
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1-Apple presence in china is within international law. But Samsung is working with a government under harshest UN security council sanctions in history.

See for yourself :

2-if you don't understand the difference between Iran and China, it's your problem. Skip your next galaxy 5 and buy a ticket to Tehran. I'll show you around. Btw, Don't forget to write your last will. I've been in China too and it's heaven in comparison.Not to mention many Iranians dying to have some place like Foxconn to work.

3-I didn't meant to use the same method that the original author used. I wanted to mock his reasoning by my own example. I wanted to show mixing politics and sensational whinings about patents and their immorality is too big to handle by the author who apparantly has limited political and business knowledge.

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