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Internet & Networking A free, new report from the New America Foundation compares cost, speed, and availabilty of internet connectivity in 22 cities around the world. The report concludes that U.S. consumers face comparatively high, rising connectivity costs, even while the majority have very limited choices -- often only one or two providers. The report argues that U.S. broadband policies need to change, otherwise consumer choice will continue to deteriorate.
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RE: To make things worse
by ilovebeer on Sun 29th Jul 2012 17:29 UTC in reply to "To make things worse"
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Almost no one needs internet. The people who do work from home do need to make some arraignment. Exactly what does an auto mechanic, gardener, florist, roofer, bank employee need with internet. If I were a bank owner I wouldn't allow any outside access to controlled systems. Millions of workers can do without it. It is a luxury for goofing off and playing games.

Basically all you're saying is that you're completely out-of-touch with reality. You really should have done your homework as I suggested. You may be a blue collar grunt that doesn't see past the dirt under your fingernails but it's not exactly a secret either that today's world is greatly dependent on the internet far beyond goofing off and entertainment. If you refuse to actually research the subject and choose to remain naive to that fact, so be it. Just know that you couldn't be more wrong.

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